Football Ticket Policy

• All Board Members will have the ability to purchase 2 football tickets along with the club tailgate. A tailgate package must be purchased to have the option of football tickets.
• All remaining tickets will be dispersed to club members at a maximum of 2 per member until our allotment is gone. If demand exceeds quantity, a lottery system will be used to determine who receives the tickets.
• Absolutely no Scalping. If tickets are sold over face value then all excess money comes back to the club for our Scholarship Fund.

Member Data Policy

• No personal information you supply on your membership form will be sold, published or used for any other purpose than club communications.

Ticket Ad Policy

• This is a service provided by our club for use at your own risk.
• Any personal information you place on this page is available to to the world. The Ohio State University Alumni Club of Greater Cincinnati takes no responsibility for any spam and/or phone calls you may receive due to placing this information on our site.
• Scalping of tickets is forbidden